Harassment and Bullying

Harassment is generally defined as conduct that is unwelcomed and that humiliates, offends or intimidates. Bullying is a form of harassment which must generally be repeated conduct before it will amount to bullying. Bullying breaches employers obligations under OHS legislation. Instances of Harassment or Bullying expose employers to potential claims of adverse action claim, discrimination/harassment, WorkCover claims of stress and unfair dismissal claims where an employee feels made to resign

We assist you to avoid these outcomes and lessen liability by providing policies and procedures, training staff to know what is and is not acceptable workplace conduct and Managers to act appropriately where instances occur and investigating and advising on appropriate action should a claim occur. Should the matter proceed to a Commission or Tribunal we will represent you. For further information contact us on 1300 393 519 or e: info@irassist.com.au